I've been away from blog for so long i think.
Today’s topic is the letter for iKON. Especially B.I.
Some of you will think i am overreacting or anything you liked to think about me. But for me, it's such the saddest moment being a fangirl. I know iKON after hearing their best song 'Love Scenario'. After that, i began to search about them more and more. I began to like their songs, their members, their habit and everything. I’ve never like any other boy group this much before, but for iKON, i am. I know how crazy their life was, during the WIN: Who Is Next era and Mix&Match. Everything just so complicated for them to become iKON now. iKON now, with a lot of fans all over the world that will always support them no matter what. Their friendship and hard work will never fail to make me proud of them.
Today, I’ve read the most heartbreaking moment for iKON, and iKONICs.
Kim Hanbin a.k.a B.I was being dragged falsely for using the LSD and He decided to leave iKON. This was the moment when i started to think. Everything will be so complicated and i hope Hanbin will never ever leave the 6 other members. 

We, iKONICs will always support you no matter how hard it is.



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