Hello everyone! How was your 2019 so far? I feel so sick in this beginning of New Year, ugh I hate it. I got influenza and coughing these past days and I feel so bad for not updating my blog as much as before. I really need some more spirit to do this, so bad :(

Well, I’ve been preparing this blog post for ya'll. Okay, let’s start the post here. Today’s is about the best apps for smartphone, I’ve been using these apps for my blog and my social media. It really helps me to gain more artsy picture. So, check it out!


PhotoGrid stays almost forever on my phone Haha. It really performs well and really easy to use, even for beginner like me :p
PhotoGrid has 12 types of picture editing tools, or whatever it is ‘cause I don’t know how to say it. Hehe. PhotoGrid allows you to collage your photos and videos with a lot of different collage templates. Cropping, rotating, resizing, add more stickers, texts, backgrounds, and AR beauty face filter are here on PhotoGrid. 


Unfold is app that really easy to use and i just download Unfold last year. I used Unfold often for my Pinterest and Instagram story. It’s a portrait kind of template. You can have different kind of template to edit your pictures.


I found a new treasure on my apps store. I like to search for something new from my apps store and download it. If I feel it is useless, I will delete it Lol. That’s how I search for the best apps for my phone. You can download this for free and it really does very good. You can use your picture as the background or you can use the free available template, it has many colors on it. I usually used the brushed with gold color for my background text. I ended up loving it every time I did it Hehe.


Actually this app is not performing really well I think, due to it doesn’t appeared as an HD quality picture. I used Phonto because, I like the fonts there. It has a lot of fonts that you can use it for free. 


Well, last but not least. This is another best app for your smartphone, Calligraphy your name. Though the template only can be square, but usually I combined the Calligraphy with PhotoGrid. I usually used the plain background, add beautiful text and saved it. Move it to PhotoGrid, to add the background and voila! It appears as good as this.



So, that’s all about the best apps for your smartphone that you can used for FREE. Okay, that’s it. See you then and have a nice day everyone!



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