Hello readers! Counting down to 2019! How was you’re feeling about it? Feel excited enough? For me, I really feel excited about 2019, what’s new will be happening next year? Hope it will be very good for all of us. Few days left before 2019, I decided to make this kind of blog post, 'What To Do on New Year Eve?' Maybe you can find something great from my blog post below. Keep reading and tell me if you have any other good ideas about this blog.


Well, I really like to see fireworks. I just amazed with how it works and how beautiful it is. Go for some local fireworks show will be very good to spend your New Year Eve. Go search for the places in your area, where they will give you a free fireworks show and go there with your parents or friends! 


For you who has been away from home for such a long time. I will recommend you to spend the New Year with your family. Ugh, it’s boring! Oh, nah, sometimes you can have a really good time together with your family. Having a good night random talk, BBQ party at the backyard and even cook some meal together. This would be unforgettable moment!


Attend the house party that your friends held. This is the best way to spend the end of the year. This is the fun part of New Year Eve. You can go for game. Set it now; search the best game for you to play while waiting for 12 o’clock for a New Year. Maybe you can have a card game, word game, truth or dare or minutes to win games? Wow, that would be a lit!


This is how I spend my latest New Year Eve with my cousin. I went to a local hotel gala dinner and attending the fireworks best show. That was a great time of my life. Well, you can have it too. This would be another memorable moment of your life!


This might be an expensive idea on how to spend your New Year Eve. Yes, one my dream is having a New Year Eve in other country. I really have a dream of having the New Year Eve at Sydney, Australia. Since, I really love the fireworks by the Opera House. Maybe you can go for, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai, London, New York, or even Tokyo? They have the best New Year Eve in the world.


Oh, I almost forgot about the people who like to spend her/his time alone in the bed when it is New Year. Okay, I have an idea about it. Do you have favorite idols? Or artist? Or even singer? If you have one. You can go search for their live performances and think that you are one of the people who stands in front of them. Stt, it’s my secret idea. LOL. I’ve been singing along with Coldplay while watching the live concert on YT. That’s how crazy I am when I was alone in the bedroom. HAHA. Another idea is, you can go watching your favorite movies or even marathon for Korean Drama, this would be unexpected but most of the people will prefer doing this. Korean variety show might be good also. Go get yourself some chips or drinks and enjoy it until the New Year comes.

That’s what I think about New Year Eve will be. Decide it now and enjoy the party with your friends! Good luck!



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