Hello readers! Sorry for not posting this Sunday. I have guested coming to my house. Yep! If you follow my Instagram you will know who the guest is. Yes. It’s my sister and her cutie little daughter coming to my house. I have a really good weekend. How about yours? Hope you have a bless and wonderful weekend too.
I don’t decide yet what i should write for today’s post. Maybe, i will just name this as a 'random talk' post. Lately, i mean this few days after buying my first domain for my blog and apply for Google AdSense, i feel like stuck and don’t know what to do with my blog. I am lost! I hate this kind of condition really :(
I now know that blogging is not easy. Yes. I know this from the beginning i jumped into blogging life. Okay. I don’t even know what i am talking about. But, I saw a comment on my previous blog post, saying that i should email for some tips for writing blog. Well, as you know that i am not a good writer but wanted to try some experience being blogger. So, i don’t have any tips yet for you because, i don’t know how to become a real blogger too. But i think, you can see some of this blogger that i found on Pinterest. I found it incredible awesome and good for some motivation to become professional blogger like them.

Famous World Stars

I think the owner of this website is one of the kind blogger I've ever meet. I've been asking for tips how to blog from the owner and the owner responds me and helps me for becoming a better blogger. I bought my domain after getting the motivation from the owner. Thank you! 

Allison Lindstrom

This website is great. I like how the owner writes the website, telling about her own experience in blogging life and motivates some of the new blogger, like me to become more confident about writing on blog. 

Blog Pixie

Blog Pixie managed by Vanessa is really awesome blog! I like to read her blog and i can find her blog easily by seeing the symbol of 'P' and pretty blog theme. She uses the combination of pink and white as her blog theme. I really love her blog for sure!

Making Sense of Cents

Well, Michelle will give you a lot of tips on how to become a real blogger and how to earn money from it. I really got my motivation after reading some of her blog. I also experience some of her tips about blog. 

Aspiring Bloggers

You can find so many tips about becoming a real blogger here on this website i found! That's really a great one! Check it out yourself. 

Okay, i hope you got a good impression from the blogger i mention above. 
"Nothing worth having comes easy"
So, thank you for reading this blog post! 


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