This is an interesting idea of blog post. So, you just have to list your favorite celebrity who would you invite to your dinner party and why you wanted to invite them. Below are my lists:

Guest 1

I need someone to host my party and make it into an unforgettable party. I would like to invite 3 of my favorite Running Man member,
Yoo Jae Suk – seeing him hosting Running Man and other variety shows. I just want him to be my main host.
Lee Kwang Soo – he will bring us tons of laughter. He will be great to be my co-host.
Ha Dong Hoon (HaHa) – aside from being host, he will be my singer too. I like all of his reggae songs. Rosa and Busan Vacance are my favorites.

Guest 2

Every party need people who are gorgeous and pretty to look at. So, here comes
Jennie BlackPink – with her cuteness and pretty faces. I like to invite her.
Park Bo Young – she is my favorites.
Park Min Young – she is so gorgeous.

Guest 3

GD - Seungri - TOP - Taeyang - Daesung

Great boy band with amazing songs will be invited. It would be BIGBANG with their 5 funny members. BIGBANG will make my party into Fantastic party.

Guest 4

Of course, handsome man will be on my lists.
Park Seo Joon – he is so good looking that I can’t help myself to see him
Jung Hae In – his cuteness is overload.
Henry Lau - just because he’s a music expert. I want him to play piano and violin at my party.

This would be great! I am done doing my imaginary celebrity dinner party. Tell me about your celebrity dinner party! It must be fun!


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