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Hello hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! How was your day? I hope it’s a good day!

Last time, I mentioned this K-drama. Since, most of the article said that Laughter in Waikiki will release their season 2. So, I want to tell you the Laughter in Waikiki season 1 that I found really gewd and refreshing. I got a bit sad because, the Waikiki season 2 will only starred Lee Yi Kyung from the Waikiki season 1 and he will have small part in the season 2. I want the three of them (Dong Gu, Jun Ki and Du Shik) to be starred in season 2. Even though I know it’s nearly impossible.

Well, now, I will give you the review of Laughter in Waikiki season 1 that was released 5 February 2018, starring Kim Jung Hyun as Kang Dong Gu, Lee Yi Kyung as Lee Jun Ki and Sin Seung Won as Bong Du Shik. I really amazed with their act especially for the best actor from Laughter in Waikiki, Jun Ki. He is so into his character that makes me always laugh every time I see him doing the ‘gwenchana’ scene even after watching it several times; I still laugh with his act in the car, Rebecca.

For the director of this drama, thank you for giving us this simple line of drama that is really good, refreshing and fun. I think I am not the only one who says this drama is the best but the other K-lovers will do the same like me. I need to watch more comedy drama like this. I like drama that have funnier scene than the romance scenes.

Laughter in Waikiki has a lot of name that sometimes I got confused which one should I use. Waikiki, Laughter in Waikiki, Go Go Waikiki, Woohoo Waikiki or Eulachacha Waikiki. Well, this is doesn’t matter because the drama is super-duper recommended for you ‘all.
Waikiki has 20 episodes in total, actually it only has 16 episodes but due to its popularity the producer extended it to 20 episodes.


Kang Dong Gu has a dream to become a movie director but unfortunately he always had a bad luck. Lee Jun Ki wanted to become an actor just like his father’s job. Bong Du Shik wanted to become a scenario writer. Three of them run the guest house, Waikiki in Itaewon, South Korea. Their life is not as easy as they wanted. The run out of money that making their guest house facing bankruptcy and then a mysterious baby and single mother appear at Waikiki. While those entire things happen, their life began to change day by day.


1. Ulala Session - Waikiki Wonderland 2. Cho Hyung Woo - Wild Dream 3. Choi Sang Yeop - I'm Doing Well 4. MIND U - Will You Come In? 5. Seung Hee (OH MY GIRL) - Taking the First Step 6.Jo Eun Ae - Becoming an Adult


Well, that’s all about the drama. I hope you like it just like me and thank you for reading, have a nice day all :)


Wednesday, January 16, 2019


What’s your favorite music instrument?
Well, for me. I like many. I like piano, violin and guitar. Most of the time, I like to listen to the piano cover from YouTube. Aside from that, one of my dreams when I was a child is to be a pianist like many people does on YouTube. I really want to be one of them. So, I decided to make this kind of post where I will tell you who my favorite instrument player on YouTube is. 


Most of you will know that he is a great pianist. He has a very nice shot on playing piano. River Flows in You, Kiss the Rain, Love Me, May Be are his best hit. Yiruma is a musician, composer and pianist based from South Korea. He was born in 15 February 1978 in Seoul. Lee Ru Ma or Yiruma began to play piano at the age of 5 and study at the Purcell School of Music. He was active in his music since 2001. He has produce 10 albums in total, 2 single and EPs and 5 complications.  He has 37.493 subscribers on his YouTube Channel.


DooPiano is a YouTube Channel that gives you a lot of Korean songs cover that I wish you would love it like I do. According to YouTube, DooPiano is located in Australia and was joining YouTube in 4 November 2016. DooPiano has 894.629 subscribers on YouTube.


Smyang is another YouTube Channel that I love. Smyang has over 880 thousands of subscribers and was joining YouTube from 23 October 2010. Smyang also has a music box edition for her covers. I think she is one of the Army, since she has a lot of BTS piano songs cover; well this is just my guessing :)


If you don’t know these guys, you should do it now! Haha. They are beyond the best. I don’t know how to explain it but just come to their YouTube Channel, watch it and you will surely like it. My favorites are The Hobbit: Lord of The Rings, The Jurassic Park Theme and Paradise (Coldplay).


She is not a pianist but she is a violinist that firstly I found out from my Instagram. She is such a beautiful woman from Indonesia and she is so talented in playing her violin. She has many cover on YouTube and my favorites are the Contradanza and Back in Time (The Moon that Embraces the Sun Soundtrack).


Actually this is my newest addicted to Grim’s piano cover. I just went to my YouTube, scrolling to find new songs and suddenly I see the eye-catching cover from Grim Cat Piano. The piano cover for Everything I Need from Aquaman Soundtrack. I found it incredible, awesome and good. That was the best ha. Good job man, you make me returning back to your cover almost every day.

Well, that’s my favorite YouTube Channel. What’s yours?


Saturday, January 12, 2019


Hello everyone! How was your 2019 so far? I feel so sick in this beginning of New Year, ugh I hate it. I got influenza and coughing these past days and I feel so bad for not updating my blog as much as before. I really need some more spirit to do this, so bad :(

Well, I’ve been preparing this blog post for ya'll. Okay, let’s start the post here. Today’s is about the best apps for smartphone, I’ve been using these apps for my blog and my social media. It really helps me to gain more artsy picture. So, check it out!


PhotoGrid stays almost forever on my phone Haha. It really performs well and really easy to use, even for beginner like me :p
PhotoGrid has 12 types of picture editing tools, or whatever it is ‘cause I don’t know how to say it. Hehe. PhotoGrid allows you to collage your photos and videos with a lot of different collage templates. Cropping, rotating, resizing, add more stickers, texts, backgrounds, and AR beauty face filter are here on PhotoGrid. 


Unfold is app that really easy to use and i just download Unfold last year. I used Unfold often for my Pinterest and Instagram story. It’s a portrait kind of template. You can have different kind of template to edit your pictures.


I found a new treasure on my apps store. I like to search for something new from my apps store and download it. If I feel it is useless, I will delete it Lol. That’s how I search for the best apps for my phone. You can download this for free and it really does very good. You can use your picture as the background or you can use the free available template, it has many colors on it. I usually used the brushed with gold color for my background text. I ended up loving it every time I did it Hehe.


Actually this app is not performing really well I think, due to it doesn’t appeared as an HD quality picture. I used Phonto because, I like the fonts there. It has a lot of fonts that you can use it for free. 


Well, last but not least. This is another best app for your smartphone, Calligraphy your name. Though the template only can be square, but usually I combined the Calligraphy with PhotoGrid. I usually used the plain background, add beautiful text and saved it. Move it to PhotoGrid, to add the background and voila! It appears as good as this.



So, that’s all about the best apps for your smartphone that you can used for FREE. Okay, that’s it. See you then and have a nice day everyone!


Monday, January 7, 2019


HOT NEWS: iKON is releasing their new song, I’M OKAY! Wow, even though I don’t really like their newest song but I am happy for them. Will always support their comeback! So, if you haven’t listened to their newest song, feel free to click this link below to see it immediately. I hope I’M OKAY will be another best hit, just like LOVE SCENARIO!
Welcome to 2019! Wah, time flies so fast ha. It’s now the beginning of 2019 that means I’ve been blogging for almost 5 months. I don’t even realize it until then. I don’t know what i was writing this past 5 months. A lot of struggling in 2018 and i hope for the best in 2019. Wishing my blog to get more traffic and i can always post my blog every week, since i got a bit lazy these past days :D What’s your wish for the New Year? Hm, without talking much more nonsense. I will just share about the fashion item you need in 2019.

Okay, this sound a bit weird for me to talk about fashion due to i am not so fashionable people. Well, i do like seeing a lot of Korean drama and of course i got obsessed with their style. I think a lot of girls out there will have the same idea with me. Korean style is like more comfortable, easy and casual at the same time. They will wear a bigger size of t-shirt and short pants with sneakers. That’s how easy Korean style is.

I don’t have many clothes for going out, this is real. Every time i am going to go out i will use the same clothes over and over again. Last time, i bought a lot of clothes because my mom will really kick me if i didn’t buy nice clothes. After this conditions, I’ve began to buy a lot of nice clothes and telling you what you need in your wardrobe. I really mean this. I do really suffer without these fashion item LOL. No no i just a bit exaggerating these sentences. Okay! Let’s start digging the fashion item of 2019.



Well, most of you will have this kind of fashion item. I really do obsess with jeans before. I have bought a lot of jeans especially the skinny long jeans. Other than that, i really recommend you to have short jeans pants. It can easily be used for everyday uses. I like to wear the black jeans pants with plain Korean shirt. I guess this is the comfiest yet casual style of fashion.

Dark colored dress

Okay, this is my second option. I do like wearing the simple dress and i am thinking of buying more for myself. Well, this dress will suit in every occasional event. If you want to have more like a street like style, you can go for plain colored dress with denim jacket and boots or even sneakers.

Plain shirt

As i said before, i really like plain shirt but aside from plain shirt, i like the simple or cute pattern for my shirt, to make it looks more colorful :D


For the formal event, I will use skirt rather than pants. Skirt will suit with heels. No! I don’t like the high heels, i prefer the low heels where you can go somewhere easily with it, but still look classy.



Converse, Adidas, Vans, Fila or other brands are really booming this nowadays. Most of fashion people really style themselves with sneakers wherever they go.

Great! I finally finished writing today’s blog post. Okay, see you on another post and have a nice day all :)


Sunday, December 30, 2018


Hello readers! Counting down to 2019! How was you’re feeling about it? Feel excited enough? For me, I really feel excited about 2019, what’s new will be happening next year? Hope it will be very good for all of us. Few days left before 2019, I decided to make this kind of blog post, 'What To Do on New Year Eve?' Maybe you can find something great from my blog post below. Keep reading and tell me if you have any other good ideas about this blog.


Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Hello readers! How was your day? Hope you had a good day today. This bless Wednesday, I am going to share something related to Korean Drama. I just finished watching Eulachacha Waikiki and that drama was so refreshing, funny and of course, recommended for you. Maybe for the next blog post I will share about that drama. As you can see from the title, today’s blog post will be about Korean Soundtrack. I’ve been browsing here and there to find this best soundtrack for ya’ll. Hope you enjoy and love to read my blog post! Check it out below.


Sunday, December 23, 2018


Hello readers! Guess what’s new from my blog today? Yes, new theme. It’s a free blog theme that I found on internet. I really like the design and how it works like magic on my blog. December is really a wonderful and joyful month of the year. Since it is nearly Christmas. I want to post something that related to Christmas. Cheers! What is it? Let’s check it out below.


Sunday, December 16, 2018


The same thing with the title of this blog post. I came out with Lazy Sunday Song Playlist! Well, I found a great idea about posting my Spotify playlist to my blog post. Always stay tuned with my newest blog post to know more about new music playlist. Do you want me to make the ‘how to’ post about Spotify playlist? Let me know if you want it! Feel so excited for that :D so, here’s the 10 music playlist.


Monday, December 10, 2018


Hello readers! Sorry for not posting this Sunday. I have guested coming to my house. Yep! If you follow my Instagram you will know who the guest is. Yes. It’s my sister and her cutie little daughter coming to my house. I have a really good weekend. How about yours? Hope you have a bless and wonderful weekend too.
I don’t decide yet what i should write for today’s post. Maybe, i will just name this as a 'random talk' post. Lately, i mean this few days after buying my first domain for my blog and apply for Google AdSense, i feel like stuck and don’t know what to do with my blog. I am lost! I hate this kind of condition really :(
I now know that blogging is not easy. Yes. I know this from the beginning i jumped into blogging life. Okay. I don’t even know what i am talking about. But, I saw a comment on my previous blog post, saying that i should email for some tips for writing blog. Well, as you know that i am not a good writer but wanted to try some experience being blogger. So, i don’t have any tips yet for you because, i don’t know how to become a real blogger too. But i think, you can see some of this blogger that i found on Pinterest. I found it incredible awesome and good for some motivation to become professional blogger like them.

Famous World Stars

I think the owner of this website is one of the kind blogger I've ever meet. I've been asking for tips how to blog from the owner and the owner responds me and helps me for becoming a better blogger. I bought my domain after getting the motivation from the owner. Thank you! 

Allison Lindstrom

This website is great. I like how the owner writes the website, telling about her own experience in blogging life and motivates some of the new blogger, like me to become more confident about writing on blog. 

Blog Pixie

Blog Pixie managed by Vanessa is really awesome blog! I like to read her blog and i can find her blog easily by seeing the symbol of 'P' and pretty blog theme. She uses the combination of pink and white as her blog theme. I really love her blog for sure!

Making Sense of Cents

Well, Michelle will give you a lot of tips on how to become a real blogger and how to earn money from it. I really got my motivation after reading some of her blog. I also experience some of her tips about blog. 

Aspiring Bloggers

You can find so many tips about becoming a real blogger here on this website i found! That's really a great one! Check it out yourself. 

Okay, i hope you got a good impression from the blogger i mention above. 
"Nothing worth having comes easy"
So, thank you for reading this blog post! 

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What is your favorite Disney's movies? I have one, it's UP. I like how the balloons makes the house fly in the air and i've watched this movies for more than 10 times. One thing that i love from this movie is the soundtrack, it's so cute :D Here's the 20 lists of Disney's soundtrack. Maybe, one of these is your favorite? 


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